Upromise.com and OPMpros.com come together in collaboration to present PareshConnect.com!

Last year, XS Night Club at the Encore played host to an epic PareshConnect.com event to celebrate our time at the Affiliate Summit, so why mess with success? Let’s do it again! Join us at XS on Monday, January 10th at 11:00pm as we make it rain in the desert!

Make sure your reserve your VIP wristband, which not only ...lets you skip the line, but also gets you in to Pure Nightclub the following night! So RSVP right away and make sure to get connected to the events pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Upromise, a subsidiary of Sallie Mae, Inc., is a popular rewarding platform that allows over 13 million members to earn rewards when they make qualified purchases from over 800 participating merchants, thousands of restaurants and numerous service providers. Through Upromise, its members can earn money to help them pay for college expenses, pay down eligible student loans, as well as invest in tax-advantaged college savings plans.

If you are an advertiser with Upromise.com, please contact your account managers.


You can pick up your VIP Wristbands at the "PARASOL UP" bar at the WYNN on Sunday and Monday from 6pm to 6:30pm.

Your VIP wristband gives you Free Access to our Jam on Tuesday night at Pure Nightclub at Caesars.

See you all at XS on Monday, January 10th.

-Paresh Vadavia, Sonny Lamba, Kunal Vohra



Event Details

Time: 11pm

Dress Code: Strict Dress Code