Paresh Vadavia

After spending 3 ½ years as affiliate program manager for online jewelry retailers and, Paresh Vadavia went on to co-found OPM Pros, an outsourced program management agency that helps online retailers capitalize on their affiliate programs.
Heading into our eighth year of operations, has established itself as a reputable leader in the affiliate marketing space. Prior to entering the affiliate marketing industry, Paresh operated his own nightlife entertainment company in his hometown of Montreal, Canada where he built up a reputation for producing innovative and highly memorable events that still get talked about to this day.

During his time representing and, Paresh noticed that major affiliate network conferences tended to lack exciting pre-conference social and networking events to entertain the hordes of out-of-towners. Paresh’s promoter instincts took over and he began organizing pre-conference events at venues in and around conference locations, giving attendees the ability to get together and build momentum going into the conferences themselves.
These parties proved so effective at cultivating valuable relationships that they soon became a mainstay feature for all affiliate conferences. Nowadays, an affiliate conference officially or unofficially includes on its schedule a event the night before the conference itself begins.